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Dollar Tree G1 Transformers Key Chains

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I stopped by my local Dollar Tree store here in Pittsburgh the other day and made an awesome find:

A whole unopened case of Officially licensed G1 Transformers key chains! They’re made in China, but do say “Official” on them. Official or not, they’re really cool and definitely worth $1 a piece!

There are 24 in a box, and my box included:

7x Megatron:
3x Soundwave (BOO!)
7x Optimus Prime
7x Bumblebee

The only downside is that they are non-transforming key fobs.

If you are looking for ones that transform, I would definitely recommend taking a look at the G1 Transformers Heroes Of Cybertron keychains. They’re actual G1 reissued minicars with a keychain attached. (Get them on eBay or Amazon today!) (Affilliate links)

If you live near a Dollar Tree store, be sure to get out there ASAP and see if you can score some too.

Happy Hunting!

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