G1 Universe Transformers Collection Checklist

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Do you find it hard to keep up with your collection? We created this FREE Printable G1 Transformers Checklist to make it a little easier to quickly track your collection.

You don’t have to sign in and we don’t even need or want your email address to use the checklist.


1. Visit the G1 Universe Transformers Checklist page

2. Click the toggle for the Year of the Transformers you want to add to your list:

G1 Universe Checklist Step 1

3. From each toggle section, click every G1 Transformer that you own.

G1 Universe Checklist Step 2

4. After you’ve made your selections, click the “Submit” button

G1 Universe Checklist Step 3

5. Click the “Download PDF” button

G1 Universe Checklist Step 4

6. Choose to save and/or print out your PDF Checklist and your done!

G1 Universe Checklist Step 5 1

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